Who we are: Brand Impressions is a Lahore (Pakistan) based Brand Management and Consultancy Company.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are in the dynamic field of creative communication and consultation because that’s really what we choose to be; want to be; love to be!

What we do: Well, practically everything and anything connected with brand management!

With a fully equipped in-house infrastructure and resources at hand, Brand Impressions offers comprehensive solutions from brand evaluation to strategy planning to creative consultancy and direction to impeccable execution.

That’s what we mean by ‘one window solutions for brand management’.

What We Offer: The plethora of services all tucked neatly in our bag comprise: –

Web Development

Brand Consultancy

Concept & Design

Social Media Management


Event Management

Our Work Philosophy: We believe that creativity has no bounds, yet there is just a single dimension for each: the best dimension! One that fits perrrrrfectly as second skin!

That is why we strongly propagate our ‘Right Fit’ approach; meaning you gotta flaunt your individuality if you are to stand out as ‘first among equals’!


Brand Management - 10 years
Digital Marketing - 5 years
Web Development - 7 years
Video/Animation - 5 years
Event Management - 3 years
Photography - 3 year


team_1Faisal Shahzad

Founder & CEO

Brand Impressions is not a conventional brand management company; it is a living, breathing, pulsating entity which symbolizes my hopes, my dreams, my vision and a major chunk of my own being. It has its roots in a revolutionary outlook; one that plainly refuses to adhere to the typical and run-of-the-mill trends. It believes in ‘creating’ rather than following; it believes in carving out paths rather than footing the ages old trodden ways. it believes in being the trail blazers rather than mere followers. It is not finality in itself though; it is a consistent and conscious effort to keep on working, keep on finding new avenues in the ever changing scenario of communication, and excelling others and keep on competing with our own self; again and again; and yet again!

team_2Maliha Mansoor

Creative Director

Ever since my childhood I have wondered time and again how varied and diverse lifestyles and outlooks are out there. And also how would it feel like to experience all that diversity and dynamism in just a single lifetime of mine. Brand Impressions is the door that has led me on to the wondrous world of diversity; for every new project, each of our prized clients is like a whole new world to me, beckoning me on to discover, explore, experience and treasure. I love my work. There is simply no other way, I would have had it!

And the journey continues….


Ali-Aslam-MirzaAli Aslam Mirza

Director Operations

team_8Fatima Yousaf

Brand Manager

M.Waseem-AmjadWaseem Amjad

Graphic Designer

Rida-IqbalRida Iqbal

Creative Writer

Nermeen-JacobNermeen Jacob

Graphic Designer

Fahad-ZameerFahad Zameer

Sr. Brand Manager

team_5Sharafat Malik

Senior Graphic Designer

team_7Khadija Afzal

Junior Designer

Abid-Ali-ButtAbid Ali Butt

Asst. Brand Manager